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to Jun 12

Heartland Conference

  • Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center (map)
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VGM’s Heartland Conference offers two days of education in areas such as retail, rehab, marketing, accessibility, compliance, HR and leadership, and more. Network with your peers, see the latest product innovations, learn from the industry’s top professionals, and have a little fun while you’re at it.

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10:00 AM10:00

Bid Smart 2019 Summit

  • One Century Place Conference Center (map)
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Join industry insiders for an in‐depth discussion about major, upcoming changes to DME Competitive Bidding.

About this Event

During the day‐long workshop, we will discuss in‐depth the big changes coming to Competitive Bidding this summer—including lead item pricing, the end of median bidding, bid surety bonds, and the use of single payment amounts (SPAs) to set rates in noncompetitive bidding areas (non‐CBAs).

The bid window is opening June 2019 and will only be open for 60 days ‐ so now is the time to get educated on all the details you need to know to submit a smart bid.

Industry experts will highlight new calculator tools and share their insights, tips, and strategies for this new round of Competitive Bidding so you can be prepared to bid in Round 2021. This is also an opportunity to ask – and get answers to – your specific questions about the upcoming Competitive Bidding Program.

Speakers to include:

  • Cara Bachenheimer, Government Affairs Practice, Brown & Fortunato

  • Kim Brummett, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, American Association for Homecare

  • Mark J. Higley, Vice President Regulatory Affair, VGM Group, Inc.

Seating is limited. Reserve your spot by registering today!

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to May 23

Michigan HomeCare & Hospice Association (MHHA) Annual Conference

  • Grand Traverse Resort & Spa (map)
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Over 300 home care agency decision-makers are expected to attend. The Michigan HomeCare & Hospice Association’s Annual Conference attracts a wide variety of home health, hospice, palliative care, private duty, HME/Infusion administrators, financial officers, billers, owners and clinicians from private, public and not-for-profit home care environments.

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to May 16

Home Medical Equipment & Services Association of New England (HOMES) Annual Meeting & Golf Tournament

The Actual “Mechanics” of Round 2021: Why HME Providers MUST Learn New Strategies Speaker: Mark Higley, The VGM Group

May 16, 2019, 3 - 4 p.m.

The Actual “Mechanics” of Round 2021: Why HME Providers MUST Learn New Strategies Speaker: Mark Higley, The VGM Group In this interactive session, Mark will offer an actual “what if” demonstration of the new lead item and new product category method of bidding this fall. While some improvements in simplicity exist, the new system is fraught with a perilous down side for accessory/non-lead items if providers are not cautious. Each attendee will receive a “calculator tool” and other valuable takehome information. And this session is not just for those HMEs within bidding CBAs; remember ALL of New England will receive the regional payment amounts from this next auction. Mark will explain!

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10:00 AM10:00

Atlantic Coast Medical Equipment Services Association (ACMESA) Round 2021 Workshop: The Rules Have Changed!

Featuring:  ACMESA “A-Team”
Cara Bachenheimer, JD (Brown & Fortunato)
Kim Brummett (AAHomecare)
Mark Higley (VGM) 

ACMESA brings this Trio together to present a comprehensive program designed to offer HME providers an extensive interpretation of the major changes forthcoming in this new bid program.
While the industry is generally pleased with the auction improvements and other positive modifications,Round 2021 is not without certain perils…especially with regard to the new “lead item pricing” concept.  Our A-Team will present a complete and interactive “step by step” presentation intended to prepare HME providers with all the necessary information and tools applicable to this new program...with a potential “bid opening” as early as June!  

The packed “menu” includes:

Bid bonds - How to access them 
New bid ceiling & clearing price, and why it matters
New product categories Capacity (your offer in quantity) and why it REALLY matters
Is my bid “Bona Fide”?!
Preparing your financials and (new) electronic submission process
Financial review (e.g. ratio analysis)
Lead item pricing - the new method offers potential risk to your accessory and resupply items 
DEMO of a “lead item pricing bid calculator” (take home with you via link) to mitigate the peril noted above 
How non CBA area HME providers will be affected by the outcomes of the program
What happens between now and January 1, 2021; non-assignment and future grandfathering issues 

Sufficient time for “what if” scenarios and Q & A

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10:45 AM10:45

Great Lakes 2019 Annual Conference and Exhibition: HME in 2019 & Beyond - Industry analysis/bidding program update

Mark Higley, VP Regulatory Affairs – VGM Group, Inc.

2018 provided to be an (arguably) turbulent year – complete with major new rulemaking and regulation, accelerated industry consolidation and further market downsizing, and, overall, a mixture of cautious optimism coupled with some apprehension as to what 2019 – and beyond – might offer. Mark will present updated industry data, commentary relative to the likely outcomes of the new competitive bid auction procedures, and an inclusive assessment/prediction of key market dynamics in the next several years.

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11:30 AM11:30

Medtrade Spring Workshop: Tips and Strategies for Competitive Bidding Round 2021

  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center - Coral B (map)
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Join Mark Higley for an exclusive, VGM members-only lunch where he will discuss the coming changes to Competitive Bidding. Mark will share insights, tips, and strategies, so you can be prepared for Round 2021. This is also an opportunity to ask – and get answers to – your specific questions about the upcoming program. Seating is limited, reserve your spot and register today!

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8:00 AM08:00

Medtrade Spring Workshop: Competitive Bidding – Preparing the Industry for a New Round

  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center - Mariners A W2 (map)
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Mark Higley and other VGM/partner experts will lead a hands-on workshop on the new round of Competitive Bidding for 2019.  Walk through a calculator developed specifically for this round of Competitive Bidding, as well as extensive question and answer periods.  VGM’s John Gallagher, Ronda Buhrmester and Craig Douglas will submit commentary as to how the gap period and new program will likely affect the broader industry now and in the future.  Brown and Fortunato’s Cara Bachenheimer will offer key program highlights and issue of potential concern.  And Paragon Venture’s Jonathon Saddock will present an industry update relative to M&A, valuation, private equity, as well some “predictions” as to this program’s future effect on stakeholders.

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